Transit Maps need to be better

Good Signage

Near and dear to my heart is signage, well good signage I should say. Unfortunately we are surround by lots of bad signage.

As I have mentioned before, Millbrae Station does not have very good signage to tell you which operator is located where (BART, Caltrain, Samtrans). I challenge you to see a sign at this entrance to the station (besides the one on the train which will be leaving shortly). At a minimum there needs to be a sign that includes all three operators logos.

I am going to write more on this later, but I just read a good article that talks about this very issue and the great progress that is being made.

“In the Bay Area, Transit signs are Surprisingly Poor”   from



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2 responses to “Transit Maps need to be better

  1. Couple of weekends ago, on a recreational ride down the Peninsula from the city, we rolled through SFO on surface roadways (surprisingly tranquil, more than I thought they would be on a Sunday morning) and continued on the Bay Trail toward the San Mateo Bridge area–and never had any idea how close we were to the Millbrae BART station. Turns out, judging from a map I looked at later, that we were within a quarter-mile or so. One of our objectives on the ride was to begin scoping out where, on an organized ride coming down from the city, cyclists could leave the group and find a BART station for an easier trip back. On that ride, we didn’t manage to identify an easy route to Millbrae BART but will try again. Signage, indeed, please!

    • Agreed! The local governments have been trying to get signs out and nothing has happened yet. There are tons of reasons but the most important is that the Millbrae Ave bridge over 101 is really dangerous for human powered folks. There is an off ramp and on-ramp that one has to cross and its not fun.

      All that said, Millbrae station is not very far from the Bay trail.

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